This page will show you all the ranks and all the commands and perks you get with them.


Since the server has just reopened, mostt of the donor's bonuses may not yet be ingame.


This is the rank you start out as and will advance in rank once you play for 4 hours.


After 4 hours of playing, you will get this rank. It enables you to craft TARDIS plugin items and even seed blocks, but however does not let you create the TARDIS, only craft the items. You can use a sonic screwdriver.


This rank adds timelord biology - which means two rows of hearts and the ability to regenerate upon death. Also this rank allows you to use a Vortex Manipulator - a craftable item which allows you to manipulate the time vortex to teleport in cords and also dimensions. Requires 12 hours of gameplay.


This rank allows you to create a TARDIS. The TARDIS allows you to travel in dimensions, time and space. It is a police box that is bigger on the inside. Inside is a console which you use for inputting the cords. You can also grow rooms in the tardis, allowing it to become a portable house of some sort. The requirement for this rank is 16 hours of gameplay.


The secret military organization that very few people will take part of. This rank is incredibly honorable and those with it should be shown the utmost respect. These people watch over the server and take care of bad stuff.

Donor RanksEdit

The link to buy the ranks is here :

Timelord (Donor)Edit

This rank can be achieved ingame, however, by purchasing it, you get extra perks, such as :

TARDIS of any choice

500,000 artron energy

Sonic Screwdriver

Every TARDIS circuit

Permission to /tpa

Permission to use /workbench - portable crafting table

Keep all items upon death

Price : $5 .00 USD

Time GuardianEdit

Permission to use the /fly command (wonder what THAT does)

Unlimited TARDIS artron energy

Tarvel to the secret planets

VIP Spawn TARDIS parking

A custom rank prefix

A personal portable /backpack

Everything Timelord (Donor) has

Price : $10.00 USD